I am a 3rd generation Seer, blessed with a mother and grandmother who, from my childhood, recognized and nurtured my gifts of connection with Source - All that Is - and *Beings of Light*

My Soul Purpose is to receive and share messages of insight and guidance with those of us in my Soul Family who are stepping out from the shadows and into our light.

In essence, my work is a reflection of the Sacred Masculine in connection with Divine Feminine Energy.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Imagine experiencing levels of freedom that you’d never thought possible before.

Imagine your heart’s desires manifesting with greater ease.

Imagine aligning with your Soul Path – living a life filled with Purpose and Passion.

All of this is possible ... and more, when we tap into Divine Wisdom and Guidance.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I am on a mission to build and nurture a global community of like-minded, like-hearted individuals who share, at the core of their Being, the desire for connection with others who “get them”.

I feel called to provide a platform through which we explore and discover depths of truth and understanding into All That We Are – in connection with All That Is.

Here, we share the dream of finding a unique place where we know we belong … a place where Who We Are, what we think and how we feel will never be questioned or judged.

⭐ It no longer serves us to try to fit into a world where more often than not, we feel isolated, misunderstood and alone.

⭐ Our hearts are calling out for connection in communities where we feel safe, heard, valued and respected.

⭐ We feel our power building as we come together, and sense a path of deeper purpose coming to light.

This is a Sacred Space where we champion our Soul Family, and it is especially meaningful for me to acknowledge that as we are guided to embrace our deeper Spiritual, psychological and emotional work, we are offering our Soul Family in community with us here on the planet ... and beyond ... opportunities to learn, to grow and to evolve through their connection with us.

About Me

I met my first *Being of Light* when I was 14, and the circumstances of our introduction were remarkable ... a full-on, "Beam me up Scotty" experience as he appeared at my bedside.

This awoke within me a flicker of memories and an awareness that somehow confirmed the many stories my mom and grandmother had shared with me as I was growing up.

My Soul Path was coming to light, and I could only begin to sense the magnitude of the journey that was unfolding.

For the past 40 years I have been studying and training with revered Masters, monks in ancient temples and Sacred Spaces in Japan, Thailand and Cambodia.

They have welcomed me and nurtured my abilities, reawakening within me memories of knowledge, rituals and ceremonies connected with my 14 lifetimes as a monk that I have come to remember.

And ... in connection with the Beings of Light ... my Soul Path continues to evolve as I access, retrieve and interpret knowledge known by what I call God Source Energy – All That Is.

As a Soul Path Channel, a messenger of insights that flow to me and through me, *We* reveal fascinating links between experiences and relationships interwoven across lifetimes and timelines, answering questions such as: "Why Am I here?", "Why did ~ happen?", "Why me?", "Why now?" and "What's next?".

Soul Family

My Soul Family Work offers insight and clarity into Soul contracts, connections and circumstances influencing our lives. 

This expanded Awareness into the deeper meaning of our relationships and experiences is instrumental in releasing negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and emotions that do not feel good to us.

We are continuously offered opportunities to learn and to grow, and when Soul lessons are brought to light and Deeper Truths are revealed with guidance and support from our Higher Self, Spirit Guides and beyond, we gain levels of conscious control over the unfolding of our lives.

We can learn to identify and then release the resistance that we are holding on to ... energetic resistance which is, in essence, pinching us off and holding us apart from all that we desire.

I know wholeheartedly that my ability to manifest the life of my dreams is amplified when I am holding no fears, doubts or worries.

This has been made blatantly obvious when I look back at the decades when I was holding onto the fear of being seen, triggering in my heart, the fear of being judged.

I’ve known for many years that this was a huge Soul Lesson for me – but that awareness alone wasn’t enough for me to take action to change things.

For years I allowed fear to keep me in the shadows. My fears kept me small and I couldn't see a way out.

But now, from following the insights and guidance from the Beings of Light, I am living a life of passion and purpose 🚀 

I embrace my inner knowing that at a Soul level, my fears of being seen and being judged are actually Keys of Insight that once recognized and explored, open doors to levels of freedom I’d only dreamt of.

I know the gifts that come from learning to identify and release thoughts, beliefs and emotions that have the potential to hold us down.

I have witnessed the exhilaration of releasing resistance and seeing our heart's desires manifesting.

This has become my truth and the heartfelt experience for thousands I've worked with.

My dream, as a reflection of my Soul Path, is to Be one who brings light to the potential within you, guiding you, supporting you and nurturing our community  to help by bringing balance, direction and meaning back to life.

I know it might sound cliché, but my goal in sharing this work is to transcend the inspirational – to Be Transformational.

What Do We Do with all of this ?

I have been designing and teaching customized training programs in Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Leadership for universities, colleges and corporations on an international scale for 38 years. 

Now I have the opportunity to add Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) to the mix 🙏🏽

The courses and workshops I am developing and offering for our Soul Family Channel community, integrate many of the skills I've taught for decades with the Spiritual insights that comes to light through my work in the Higher Realms.

My Masters in Education gives me the foundation to create and adapt proven processes and strategic blueprints for us to follow together on this Journey of Remembering and Reawakening.

At times it won’t be easy, and the path forward won’t always be clear or obvious.

But this I know to be true

If you are committed to doing this inner work, at whatever level or pace you choose … your dedication will pay off.

As you become more aware, and embrace opportunities to explore and discover more about yourself :

⭐ You will learn to identify and release negative thoughts, limiting belief and emotions that do not feel good.

⭐ You will sense shifts into a greater Growth Mindset, bringing benefit to all sectors of your Wheel of Life *

⭐ You will experience evidence of your alignment – manifestations that perhaps you’d never thought possible before.

* Wheel of Life sectors Soul Family Channel content will impact and bring value to include:  Personal Relationships, Professional Relationships, Career Path and Contribution, Finances, Abundance, Personal Development, Lifestyle, Health, Passions and Purpose and naturally, Spirituality.

When the momentum of your progress becomes an unstoppable force, know that you are tapping into your True Nature as One whose life is a Reflection of the Perfection of their Connection with All That Is 🌌

I am starting this channel in response to a calling to support my Soul Family 

~ those who feel a connection with me and with my work ~

If you are here before I have videos, articles and other content uploaded,

please be patient with me and know that you are witnessing the birthing of this website and our global community.